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Shane Foster began learning photography and videography at the age of 10. His parents handed him a video camera at a dog show because they had nobody to record the show. After that there was no taking the camera back. He later began using his sister as talent for his short films that were edited between two VCR's where he utilized the pause button to cut. His mother is a painter and at a young age started teaching him lighting for the purpose of shading and making images pop. He took these painting and drawing concepts and began applying them to photography lighting setups. He affectionately calls this "painting with light" and it's his favorite part of photography. In 2005 Shane worked for KMPH Fox26 and spent two years filming for the news station where he practiced techniques constantly. After working there He began his first video production company with the name Window In Time Productions. Later this would be shortened to HalfWIT Productions when his business partner and best friend was tragically killed in a car accident. WIT stood for Window In Time and since the company was now half of team, the name HalfWIT stuck. In order for the business to expand it would require relocation to Los Angeles. Instead, Shane chose to stay close to family and closed the doors of his Production company. He has worked several jobs and never quite found the interest or passion he developed for photography, so in 2015 he founded Rtistic Pictures, LLC. Using the word pictures would allow for both Photography and Video Production, although currently he is focusing solely on photography. He intends to eventually add video production back to his list of services available. 


"Working with Shane at Rtistic Pictures was amazing. I was nervous at first because I'm new to modeling, but after a few minutes, he had me laughing and I ended up with a great set of photos. I'll be booking with him again soon!"


"I had a great time working with Shane. My senior pictures came out very unique. He is very creative. My friends all asked who did them so they could book with him."